Tesla Faces Even More Union Trouble In the EU
Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: Friday Tesla decided to appeal a U.S. National Labor Relations Board ruling that it violated America’s labor laws, reports Reuters. And they’re even appealing its order that Elon Musk delete a 2018 tweet which the Board said “coercively threatened” workers considering unionization with the loss of stock options.

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But Tesla is also facing growing unionization efforts in other countries. Tesla is building a giant plant in Germany, but “it hasn’t yet made nice with the mighty auto union” IG Metall, reports Business Insider, noting that a battle with the union “could threaten Tesla’s ambitious plans for the European market.”

And this union is especially motivated, Stephen Silvia, a professor at American University researching comparative labor relations, tells Business Insider:

Allowing a massive non-union plant to build cars in Germany would set the dangerous precedent that companies don’t need to engage in collective bargaining, he said. It would also mean thousands of members would potentially go without the contractually enforced job security, wages, and benefits the rest of the industry enjoys. Moreover, IG Metall stands to lose bargaining power with other automakers if it can’t get Tesla to play ball, said Arthur Wheaton, an automotive industry expert at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. It’s especially crucial that IG Metall preserve all the sway it can at a time when carmakers are pivoting to EV production, which, Wheaton said, requires roughly 30% fewer workers than traditional auto manufacturing….

Silvia, who has spoken to the union about its plans, anticipates a public relations campaign and protests to exert political and social pressure on Tesla to “be a good corporate citizen.”

“It’s very difficult to force a completely unwilling company,” Silvia said. “They’ll just have to make [Tesla’s] life as uncomfortable as possible…” Wheaton, however, thinks IG Metall’s main weapon for putting the squeeze on Tesla is blocking the completion of the factory altogether. IG Metall could work with environmentalist groups to slow down construction, he said.

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