Differentially private SGD (DP-SGD) is one of the most popular methods for
solving differentially private empirical risk minimization (ERM). Due to its
noisy perturbation on each gradient update, the error rate of DP-SGD scales
with the ambient dimension $p$, the number of parameters in the model. Such
dependence can be problematic for over-parameterized models where $p gg n$,
the number of training samples. Existing lower bounds on private ERM show that
such dependence on $p$ is inevitable in the worst case. In this paper, we
circumvent the dependence on the ambient dimension by leveraging a
low-dimensional structure of gradient space in deep networks — that is, the
stochastic gradients for deep nets usually stay in a low dimensional subspace
in the training process. We propose Projected DP-SGD that performs noise
reduction by projecting the noisy gradients to a low-dimensional subspace,
which is given by the top gradient eigenspace on a small public dataset. We
provide a general sample complexity analysis on the public dataset for the
gradient subspace identification problem and demonstrate that under certain
low-dimensional assumptions the public sample complexity only grows
logarithmically in $p$. Finally, we provide a theoretical analysis and
empirical evaluations to show that our method can substantially improve the
accuracy of DP-SGD in the high privacy regime (corresponding to low privacy
loss $epsilon$).

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