The Police Department will return the device earlier than planned after
critics seized on it as a dystopian example of overly aggressive policing.

When the Police Department acquired a robotic dog last year, officials
heralded the four-legged device as a futuristic tool that could go places
that were too dangerous to send officers.

“This dog is going to save lives,” Inspector Frank Digiacomo of the
department's technical Assistance Response Unit said in a television
interview in December. “It's going to protect people. It's going to protect

Instead, the machine, which the police named Digidog, became a source of
heated debate. After it was seen being deployed as part of the response to a
home invasion in the Bronx in February, critics likened it to a dystopian
surveillance drone.

And when officers used it at a public housing building in Manhattan this
month, a backlash erupted again, with some people describing the device as
emblematic of how overly aggressive the police can be when dealing with poor

Now, the robotic dog's days in New York have quietly been cut short.

Blindingly stupid citizens. Robodog is cute, capable, and unarmed yet people
feel threatened while worse issues ignored.

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