Possibly it's due to all the Exchange servers still "pwned" from the
SolarWinds attack.  But I have been noticing a *huge* up-tick in spam (and
particularly phishing) messages in my Outlook account, rmslade@outlook.com.
(The same account is also rob-the-virus@outlook.com,
usual-suspects@outlook.com, isc2@outlook.com, and
the-usual-suspect@outlook.com, but most of the spam seems to be addressed to

OK, maybe nine messages a day doesn't seem huge, but bear in mind that this
is an account that I hardly ever use.  I generally don't post from it, and
almost never to any mailing lists.  I don't exactly hide its existence, and
I sometimes note it as an alternate email when people have trouble with my
main Shaw account, or when I'm giving presentations.  And, up until a couple
of months ago, I hardly received any email in it at all.  (Which is why I
wonder about the SolarWinds thing.)

It's not as if Microsoft is really bad at spam filtering.  Looking at the
spam folder (which Microsoft insists on labeling "Junk") I note that there
are a number of messages Microsoft has dealt with automatically.  Although
an awful lot of the phishing messages that I *do* see (and report,
religiously, one of the reasons that I'm so aware of the growing spam
numbers) are dead copies of each other, even if they come from different
email accounts and sources.

I know that phishing doesn't have to have a high success rate.  Sending
phishing messages is pretty close to zero cost for phishers, so you can
have a success rate of 0.01% and still consider that a win.  But I am
starting to wonder how many people are getting"pwned" by this recent
onslaught ...

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