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hello friends. new to this subreddit here.

I am on Kaspersky Internet Security Premium and it has been suitably reliable thus far, and having it sort of emboldened me to visit sites I wouldn’t usually visit without this nifty thing. I also have the free versions of ESET and HitmanPro because I still get paranoid about not having a second/third opinion (despite hearing about false positives from having two antivirus applications and all that).

Yesterday, I visited some dubious sites and downloaded adult vids from there. No issues/detection from Kaspersky. I ran ESET to be sure. ESET then detected 1 malicious object: HTML/ScrInject b trojan, which I then removed using the application, turned off my pc, and paid no mind to it after.

Today, while sitting at my pc blankly staring at my twitter page, i noticed my twitter name was randomly changed to “out”. Startled, I immediately refreshed the page, and it then went back to what it was before. I know what I saw though, so I decided to run a scan using ESET, targeted at the particular folder the trojan was initially found in, under C drive/user. This time, ESET detected 3 malicious objects: all HTML/ScrInject b trojan, at different spots

To add, my initial ESET scan (with one identified malware) was a full system scan, with a total of 357048 objects scanned. My second scan, a targeted one at the files inside C/User instead of a full scan, turned up 623998 files (somehow more files than a full scan?!). I’m all sorts of paranoid now. Will reboot and run a full Kaspersky scan before another full ESET scan and update this thread.

could I get any thoughts or input on this (aside from telling me to stop visiting dubious sites which I’ve already taken to heart and learned my lesson)? Thank you

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