Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) is a hardware security primitive with a
desirable feature of low-cost. Based on the space of challenge-response pairs
(CRPs), it has two categories:weak PUF and strong PUF. Though designing a
reliable and secure lightweight strong PUF is challenging, there is continuing
efforts to fulfill this gap due to wide range of applications enabled by strong
PUF. It was prospected that the combination of MAX and MIN bit-wise operation
is promising for improving the modeling resilience when MAX and MIN are
employed in the PUF recomposition. The main rationale lies on the fact that
each bit-wise might be mainly vulnerable to one specific type of modeling
attack, combining them can have an improved holistic resilience. This work is
to first evaluate the main PUF performance, in particular,uniformity and
reliability of the OR-AND-XOR-PUF(OAX-PUF)-(x, y, z)-OAX-PUF. Compared with the
most used l-XOR-PUF, the (x, y, z)-OAX-PUF eventually exhibits better
reliability given l=x+y+z without degrading the uniformity retaining to be 50%.
We further examine the modeling resilience of the (x, y, z)-OAX-PUF with four
powerful attacking strategies to date, which are Logistic Regression (LR)
attack, reliability assisted CMA-ES attack, multilayer perceptron (MLP) attack,
and the most recent hybrid LR-reliability attack. In comparison with the
XOR-APUF, the OAX-APUF successfully defeats the CAM-ES attack. However, it
shows no notable modeling accuracy drop against other three attacks, though the
attacking times have been greatly prolonged to LR and hybrid LR-reliability
attacks. Overall, the OAX recomposition could be an alternative lightweight
recomposition method compared to XOR towards constructing strong PUFs if the
underlying PUF, e.g., FF-APUF, has exhibited improved resilience to modeling
attack, because the OAX incurs smaller reliability degradation compared to XOR.

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