Our CEO Venu Rao’s Insights on the Role of Cybersecurity in B2B Digitization

cybersecurity in b2b digitization

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As an impact of digitization and IoT, service providers have access to immense consumer data. I believe data privacy and protection law requires proper enforcement. Today, when we access an app, we share virtually every personal information and service, providing companies access to all our info, location, contact, camera, etc. This is where governments play a crucial role in ensuring that the customer data used by the company should be safe and stored with authenticity and the customer feels confident while sharing them. I think to make internet browsing safe, and no stones should be left unturned when it comes to the framing and enforcement of data privacy laws by a state administration.

Data protection in modern times is not limited to complaint procedure, but governments are also framing data policies of their own. The EU has its policies, so does the US. California is the 1st state to have its laws on data protection. India has also drafted its own data policy set, which has not been passed as a law yet.

Cybersecurity over 3 decades: A radical evolution

Anything and Everything which is online can be hacked! This has been the main cause of cyber-securities evolving drastically over the past two and three decades. Earlier, Cybersecurity was limited to antiviruses and firewall protection. The highly competitive market with a single click end-user accessibility makes quick and efficient responses from service providers indispensable for successful growth. I believe that Cybersecurity should be at the core of organizational culture as cloud-based solutions are playing a crucial role in driving organizational growth. Moreover, companies have also shifted preferences to integrated security solutions with DevOps creating a business management platform with a low turnaround time and high performance.  

The Indian Scenario

The Indian enterprises are rapidly adapting to the pace of the internet but are lacking in the aspect of cybersecurity. This exposes them to cyber threats and makes Indian customers a target attributed to the wide scope and preferential differences. So, the companies need to prepare a cybersecurity roadmap as they do for business operations planning and customer satisfaction. The focus should not only be on making the end products user-friendly but also ensure data protection in building trustworthy relationships with clients.

At WeSecureApp, we have built an amazing team of security professionals, engineers, and developers to cater to our client’s requirements. All our services are delivered through an in-house team and the product is also built by our own engineers and developers. Our team and methodology to perform security assessments help us to be ahead of our competitors. We have designed a hybrid methodology which is a combination of in-house tools, open-source tools, and manual testing methods that helps us in finding critical and business logic vulnerabilities.

The Future Path

The increasing digitization of businesses has led them to invest in digital assets and switch to cloud-based infrastructures. In order to secure all of these digital assets, companies must use multiple vulnerability standards, such as Web, Mobile, APIs, Cloud instances, etc. I think in the near future, we will be using a wide range of offensive and defensive cybersecurity products. Companies will also be opting for platform-based premium security solutions, to integrate with multi-layered scanners that make life easier for the clients. This should provide a complete scan and deliver a priority-listed report to the clients to fix those vulnerabilities and make operations smoother and safer.

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