Stealer trojan on my pc??? help please :(
Stealer trojan on my pc??? help please :(

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Hi everyone, Im gettin a little bit worried about a situation.
Some days ago I noticed that I got “hacked” on my social media and got notified by gmail about that as “inusual activities on my account”, then I noticed on my instagram that someone or something just posted spam, followed people and even changed my profile pic (I got really desperate so I changed my pass quickly asf). And thats not all, I looked on the notif bar and see another people interactions on my twitter (and said WTF). I tried to get in and… my account was blocked for security, so I proceed to unlock it and log in to find out many tweets that I don´t wrote and many crypto sh*t spam and that kind of “bot” things so I decided to do a Scan on Windows defender.
All of this happened on 26-27th june

Got this threat


Afected items:
process: pid:7952,ProcessStart:132996273947377484

I tried with:
-malwarebytes and nothing (after a +16hs scan)
-windows defender offline (scan reaches 91% and just reboot my pc and starts it again like nothing is happening)

I leave you the defender ss, I don´t know how to proceed
I´m really worried about the next step this threat could do

PD: My mother language is spanish so forgive me for the bad text explanation

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